Hi, I'm Richard.

Multidisciplinary Entrepreneur.
Process Guru.
People Advocate.

About Me

Equity + Product Design + Commercialization + Organization Development + UX Research

Building companies, products and community initiatives from the ground up has given me the skills of a generalist with the mind of a specialist. I am an expert in mixing my diverse professional experiences to create holistic, equitable and human-centered processes that can be used to build impactful products.

My work has crossed over multiple industries and includes everything from developing products that convert seawater into drinking water and convert CO2 into clean fuel and energy; initiatives that increase college access for underrepresented students; and creative content, merchandise, and games.


I specialize in building everything from products and processes to teams and organizations to people and communities. I do this by applying cross-industry methodologies and principles.


No phase of product development can happen in a vacuum. Each aspect is interdependent on the other and equally drives the development process.

Making the process transparent fosters clearer and more efficient communication, facilitates multi-disciplinary collaboration, and a smoother, more equitable workflow.


Human Centered

A good product can’t be built without good customers and a good team. It is important to center the design process around advocating for the needs of both.

Being both an engineer and cleantech entrepreneur, it is imperative that processes are environmentally and operationally sustainable.

Sustainability Focused


I bring an interdisciplinary mindset to every problem and idea, supported by my diverse industry experiences.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer

Research, Observation, Data and Process Analysis, Experimental Design, Manufacturing Methods


Programming, 3D Modeling/Printing, Electronics, Microprocessors, Information Technology


Commercialization, Customer Interviews, Cost Analysis, Business Development, Relationship Cultivation

Creative Studio Director

UX Design, Writing, Wireframing, 2D/3D Animation, Storytelling

Head of Product

A/B Testing, Prototyping, Customer Acquisition, Iterative Development, UX Research


Community Building, Equity Assesment, Communication, Active Listening, Root Cause Analysis, Mission Driven Strategy

My Work

Product Development

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Design Gallery

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Contact me

Want to collaborate? Need help building a product? Have a volunteer opportunity? Shoot me an email at Rday@itsrichday.com.

Are you a content creator and need help with branding, publishing your content, or starting a company? Shoot us an email at info@anobastudios.com!